in-tuh-ruhp-shuh n

colour bar

Like us, many composers experienced periods in which their work was interrupted by their life. This recital presents pieces by: Gabriel Fauré, the conservatory administrator who relegated composing to the summer months. Ralph Vaughan-Williams who, like many composers, ceased to write during the Great War. Johannes Brahms, who had considered retiring from composition but was inspired by clarinetist Richard Mühlfeld to continue. Peter Lieberson, whose diagnosis of a severe form of cancer, dulled his will to write. And then there was Beethoven, whose ninth symphony had a gestation period that surpassed the writing of the previous eight combined. Production after disruption. A challenge for composer and commoner alike.

NYC: Sat, November 23rd @ 4 p.m.
W 83 Ministry Center • 150 W 83rd Street
(all proceeds go to International Justice Mission)

Toronto: Sat, January 18th @ 4 p.m.
Grace Toronto Church • 383 Jarvis Street
Tickets: donation, cash only @ door

Alicia Bennett, clarinet
Sung Chung, baritone
Suna Chung, piano

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