Martin Luther, huile sur toile de Lucas Cranach l’Ancien, 1528

Martin Luther (1483 – 1546) was the unintended revolutionary whose actions precipitated a split in the Church. This bedrock institution lay at the foundation of kingdoms and communities, societies and structures, hearts and minds. Its rift and redesign affected a sea change that ran through modern-day Germany, Scandinavia, England, and eventually North America. Its reverberations can be felt in the waters of society even today. 

The Reformation was one of the great turning points in history, not only for the church but for society at large. Sociologists and historians have noted the Reformation’s influence on literacy levels and how it precipitated a shift in the role of family and community. Government and law-making was also impacted as it exhorted territorial princes to take on new duties to uphold its vision. The Reformation invigorated the medium of the printing press, fashioning a blow-out media campaign in its battle for souls.

The purpose of this concert is to uncover the theology of the Reformation, as expressed in its hymns, and plot its influence on the cultures into which it was adopted.

Date: TBA (2022–2023 season)

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