Simeon in the Temple, Rembrandt (1669)
Photo: Erik Cornelius / Nationalmuseum
Simeon in the Temple
Rembrandt (c. 1669)
Photo: Erik Cornelius / Nationalmuseum

Many efforts do not see a conclusion, many attempts lie unfinished. This status does not always reflect the quality of the effort, nor does it empty the act of its benefit.

This concert is a presentation of unfinished works. In some cases a lone movement acts as evidence of its existence. In others, the piece breaks off at a ‘reasonable’ point. In still others, the music is fractured mid-phrase, a thought forever left incomplete.

After a season of abandoned plans, projects cut short, interrupted conversations, and unfulfilled enterprises, this concert honours the fragments that remain.

Featured pieces: Mahler Piano Quartet in A minor, Bach Art of the Fugue, Mozart Requiem, Shostakovich Violin Sonata, and Schubert Piano Sonata in F# minor.

Date: TBA (2022–2023 season)

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